Mac-Gray Case Study


Medeco XT Delivers New Level of Security for Coin Laundry Industry

A Large Scope of Service Territory
Mac-Gray, the leading innovator in the laundry facilities management industry, chose Medeco’s lock system to increase security at its 28 branches around the U.S. Mac-Gray operates 80,000 laundry facilities in apartment complexes and colleges across 43 states.

Mac-Gray’s upgrade to the Medeco XT lock has already eliminated the use of a significant number of mechanical keys and the program will be expanded further in all branches. The eCylinders are used with a single, programmable “collector’s key” that has access codes for the lock on the laundry card Value-Add machine in place at the company’s facilities.

Medeco XT enables this innovative laundry facilities management company to provide an unprecedented level of security for its clients— property owners and managers— and enables Mac-Gray to report daily collections with a high degree of confidence. Mac-Gray is a public company, operating under SEC accounting guidelines, and provides its clients with access to financial and service records online anytime, so the accuracy of collections was very important.

Single Point of Software Management Needed
A big challenge for Mac-Gray in its search for the right security solution was finding a single software program that would work for all of its branches. One of the strongest benefits to Medeco XT is its top-level security, access control, and accountability in one easy-to use package.

“Our service territory is large, so being able to react quickly and maintain key control in the event it is necessary was very important to us,” said Taylor Doggett, Vice President, Strategic Insight Group for Mac-Gray Corporation. “Medeco is a standard in the security industry, so when it comes to the market with new technology, you know it’s going to work.”

The Medeco XT Web Manager® software program allows one person to manage its coin and cash collection routes centrally from a secure web site. For Mac-Gray, this means eliminating inefficient controls such as manuals and other logs of when collections had occurred at each location. Mac-Gray no longer needed different reporting systems for each of its 28 branches. Complete control of all collectors’ keys and the ability to audit, control and report on all activity associated with all the locks in every laundry room managed by Mac-Gray is provided by Medeco XT Web Manager®.

Mac-Gray will utilize Medeco’s software in conjunction with its proprietary LaundryView® monitoring system to provide its clients with the ability to remotely audit all collections. Mac-Gray collectors—who are sensitive to the amount of cash they transport—can get in and out of each collection point quicker, and they are very pleased with the system’s efficiency.

“Mac-Gray’s understanding of technology and its application to the laundry business made it the logical choice to work with us on a Medeco XT system. Its insight and willingness to collaborate with us have been invaluable and have helped us bring a truly innovative product to the laundry industry,” said Mark Imhof, Director of Engineered Security Solutions for Medeco High Security Locks.

Inventing a New Way to Manage a Laundry Program
Mac-Gray is focused on reinventing the central laundry room with innovative products for the people using its machines, as well as for its clients who own and manage the properties where Mac-Gray provides service. “We were eager to work with Medeco on launching the Medeco XT technology because it will enable us to provide our clients with an unparalleled level of security.

Combined with LaundryView®, which delivers unmatched transparency on collections, commission payments, and service history, we can now offer them total peace of mind,” said Phil Emma, Executive Vice President for Mac-Gray.