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Now is a great time to enhance the security of your facility! Management of facilities has grown more complex every day. Here is a look some of our products that will help you improve security, save money and increase efficiency. Upgrade to any of these Medeco products now to protect people, property and investments.

Medeco 4

Medeco 4 takes security to the next level by offering the highest level of protection against physical attack. Medeco 4 is ANSI/BHMA 156.30/156.5 rated and UL 437 Listed.

A movable element in the key helps protect against the threat of 3D printing. 

Medeco X4 SFIC

Facilities need patented key control to effectively secure exterior and interior openings. X4 is the most economic and efficient solution, retrofitting existing SFIC door hardware.

X4 has one of the largest master key capabilities on the market and multiple cylinder formats available to tie everything together into one system.

Medeco All Weather Padlock

Designed and tested to withstand the harshest environments, the AWP with high security mechanical cylinder also provides the benefits of patented key control and resistance to physical attack.

The AWP fitted with Intelligent Key Cylinders provides access control and monitoring, providing detailed audit information on which locks were accessed and when. It is ideal for remote locations where traditional wired access control is impractical or impossible.

Intelligent Key Cabinet

The IKC is a complete key storage and control solution, recording key removals and returns, increasing efficiency and accountability. Keys can be accessed only by authorized users by PIN, Prox Card, or Fingerprint scan. It can also capture a photo of the user accessing the cabinet.

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