Class Descriptions


Technical Certification Classes

Medeco 4 Certification
This class covers the design and operation of door hardware cylinders and cam locks for the Original, Biaxial, and Medeco 4 designs.  Hands on exercises include disassembly and assembly of a Medeco 4 mortise cylinder, decoding a Medeco 4 Biaxial key, (using a Medeco 4 key decoder), pinning a mortise cylinder to a change key, master keying a mortise cylinder, and pinning a switch lock plug to a sample key.  Matrix master key chart reading, application of the MACS, specialty tools, lubrication, trouble shooting, key control programs, an overview of the product line, and interchangeable core pinning specifications are also covered.

Medeco X4®Certification
This class covers the design and operation of KeyMark technologies, including Medeco KM and Medeco x4 products.  Hands-on exercises include calculating an A2 pinning matrix, decoding a Medeco x4key, and pinning a small format interchangeable core to the decoded key, control key, and master key.  Pinning of non-interchangeable core Medeco x4 cylinders such as cam locks or rim cylinders is also covered.

Medeco3  CLIQ Certification
This class covers the features, benefits, and capabilities of Medeco CLIQ as well as system requirements, ordering, and setup needs.  Topics will include E2 versus E3 keys, different software packages, and the differences in the features between the Standalone and Web software packages.  Enhanced tools of the CLIQ Web software (Remote PDs, Cylinder Groups, etc) will also be covered.  Software demonstration and exercises will focus on the CLIQ Web platform.

Medeco XT Certification
This class covers the features, benefits and capabilities of Medeco XT as well as system requirements, ordering, and setup needs.  It covers the advantages the XT system has over mechanical systems and electronic access control systems and where Medeco XT fits in the marketplace.   Software review and exercises include programming Medeco XT user keys to access locks, audit doors, block lost keys at the door, and various programming and reporting capabilities available using Nexgen XT Security Manager and XT Web Manager software platforms.

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