Medeco Cylinder Maintenance & Lubrication


Fluid FilmMedeco recommends the use of FLUID FILM® to lubricate all Medeco cylinders. FLUID FILM is a fast acting, invasive and long lasting lubricant that provides lubricity up to 10 times longer than other lubricants when applied to high-use locking devices.

Other Lubricants:

Medeco does not recommend the use of other lubricants. FLUID FILM is readily available worldnwide and is the only lubricant used within the Medeco factory. Medeco is not responsible for lock damage caused by by other lubricant, accident, theft, misuse, abuse, or from abnormal use or conditions.

How to Lubricate:

Prior to lubrication, locks that are dirty or oily should be cleaned with a quality electrical contact cleaner, while locks that are extremely dirty or oily may have to be completely disassembled.  It is therefore recommended that only Medeco Factory Certified Locksmiths disassemble Medeco cylinders.

Cleaning Procedure:

  • Shake can well and with opening on white nozzle pointing away from face, insert the red plastic spray tube into the end of the white nozzle.
  • Place the plastic spray tube against the keyway opening and press down on the nozzle using a very brief burst of spray.
  • Allow the lubricant to penetrate the cylinder 10 seconds before inserting the key.  Wipe excess lubricant from the face of the cylinder with a cloth if necessary.
  • Exercise the key and cylinder several times to ensure dispursement of FLUID FILM throughout all of the cylinder components.
  • It is also recommend to lubricate or clean the area within which the sidebar is located when the plug is at rest (locked). Debris can build-up in this area and can cause intermittent operation or a lockout. To clean this area, insert key and turn 90 degrees clockwise. Using the plastic spray tube, spray lubricant into the keyway as close as you can to the top shoulder of the key. This will lubricate and clean the sidebar slot located on the inside surface of the shell where the sidebar slot is milled. 

Sidebar cleaning procedure:

  • Insert key and turn 90 degrees clockwise.
  • Place plastic spray tube into the keyway close to the top shoulder of the key.  Spray with a quick burst.  This will lubricate and clean the sidebar slot located on the inside surface of the shell where the sidebar slot is milled.

How often to lubricate:

Frequency of lubrication depends on location of the cylinder, weather conditions, and amount of use.  A lock installed on an interior door that is only used a couple times a day should be lubricated at minimum once a year.  A lock installed on the exterior entrance door of an apartment with several hundred tenants and freezing weather conditions should be lubricated at least 4 times a year or anytime the key is difficult to insert or turn. A monthly preventive maintenance schedule is recommended for severe conditions.

Common Questions and Answers regarding FLUID FILM Lubricant:

How much FLUID FILM lubricant should I use when lubricating a lock?
Because of the aggressive migrating nature and high concentration, a very brief burst of FLUID FILM lubricant into the lock is sufficient.  

Is FLUID FILM lubricant available in different sizes?

Yes, it is available in two sizes:

  • 11.75 oz. spray (Medeco part # PX-KYLUBE-11).
  • 2.25 oz. spray (Medeco part # PX-KYLUBE-02).

What's the shelf life of FLUID FILM?
FLUID FILM aerosol spray cans are guaranteed for 12 months.

Will FLUID FILM dry out over time?
No it will not dry out. FLUID FILM is a lanolin based product containing no solvents. It will not evaporate or dry out. It will leave a wet, non-drying film, that will provide long term corrosion protection on all metals and superior lubrication for all moving parts

Will FLUID FILM harm electrical connections?
No, it is non-conductive, so be sure to establish all connections prior to application

Will FLUID FILM keep locks from freezing during the winter?
Yes, a light application is all that's needed to provide long term lubrication for lock assemblies, even in freezing temperatures.

Will FLUID FILM prevent existing rust from spreading?
Yes, FLUID FILM is a powerful lanolin-based corrosion inhibitor that stops existingrust on contact.

Will FLUID FILM harm rubber or plastic?
No, it has no adverse effect on plastic or synthetic rubber, but it may cause some swelling on natural rubber.

What effect does FLUID FILM have on the environment?
FLUID FILM is classified as a non-toxic and non-hazardous liquid and contains less than one percent (<1%) VOC content. Lower VOC content reduces the ozone-depleting chemicals in the atmosphere. FLUID FILM contains no solvents, phenols, heavy metals, arsenic, PCB’s, PC’s, or other dioxin related substances. It is manufactured using an all-natural lanolin base.

What makes FLUID FILM different from the competition?
Where most spray lubricant contain between 70% - 90% solvents, FLUID FILM contains only trace amounts (aerosol propellant), which means long lasting lubrication and protection. Therefore FLUID FILM won't evaporate or become sticky or gummy, allowing it to migrate to critical areas for lubrication or protection. With its unique lanolin base, FLUID FILM will actually embed itself in the pores of metal, resisting wash off and preventing moisture and oxygen from harming the base metal. FLUID FILM is therefore suitable for numerous applications where comparative solvent-based products can not be considered.

Where to Order FLUID FILM:

Medeco Customer Service 1-800-839-3157 or Authorized Medeco Distributor.