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A good security system needs good data and an easy way to manage it. Choosing the Medeco XT Intelligent Key system comes with all of the benefits of the XT Web Manager software.

XT Web Manager software gives you more control and oversight of your facility, as well as data and analytics that are not available with a mechanical key system. This allows you to manage your security more efficiently.

Choosing XT Web Manager software means you have the power to grant, revoke, and schedule access to openings. The software’s digital interface distills thousands of data points into actionable, easily understood data to help manage your security better and attain regulatory compliance. Click here for more details on XT Web Manager's Data Analytics.

Here are some of the benefits of XT Web Manager Software:

  • Program keys to control who has access to what, and when access is allowed.
  • Flexible system allows you to create, schedule, and quickly change key access rights.
  • Data analytics provide a complete overview of your facility’s activity into actionable, easily understood data.
  • Time and date-stamped audits help achieve regulatory compliance and give you access to a granular view of the activity in your facility.
  • Program keys to expire at a specific time and date; this enhances key control and reduces risks if a key is lost or stolen.
  • Access profiles and cylinder groups simplify programming for larger installations.
  • Software can be used wherever you have internet access.
  • Integration with other EAC systems is available.

Four different packages for XT Web Manager Software are available, depending on your business’ needs.

XT Software Features and Usability

XT Web Manager Software puts total control of your facility into your hands. Here is a look at some of the features and usability that is available.


The Dashboard View gives you an overall view of the software at a glance. This includes a summary of events, audits, and the active schedules in the software. See the number of total number of users, keys, cylinders, schedules, and audits. To see more details, just click into any one of those sections.



The scheduling feature is one of the most powerful tools in the XT Web Manager software. Even if an intelligent key were to go missing, the scheduling feature ensures that access would be revoked.

Several different scheduling features are available, all based on what works for your facility.



The analytics feature shows a visual representation of the audits in the system. See which openings are accessed and when, who uses keys the most, and see trends in security before they become a bigger problem. For instance, the Analytics feature can quickly tell you how many times a user tried to use their key after their access expired.



Your XT Intelligent Key system records events that happened to the key and cylinder.

Audits let you see the date, time, user, specific key, opening, specific cylinder, and what the resolution of the activity was. For instance, if a user successfully accessed an opening you will see which user, key, opening, and cylinder were accessed, as well as the specific time. The event would be “Opened.” If access were denied, the audit would give you the same information and tell you exactly why access was denied.

The audits function also allows you to sort by date, user group, user’s name, serial number, opening name, cylinder serial number, event, or audit type.


Managing Access

In XT Web Manager you can manage users, keys, cylinders, and openings.

Users are assigned keys, and cylinders are assigned to openings. Once you have this set up, you can schedule openings that you would like to give users access to. Importing your code book brings all of the cylinders into the XT Web Manager software, and openings are visible based on their serial numbers. An opening can be assigned more than one cylinder.

Multiple security roles can be set for users. You can also set the software so a pin is required to revalidate keys. If needed, you can also give a user access to the software.

More about XT Web Manager Software

Access Control in the Cloud

With XT Web Manager, you have a choice of stand-alone or web-based software. Web-based software ensures that your facility’s database is always accessible, secure, and up-to-date.

Medeco leverages the power of secure, cloud-based subscription services to manage access control. Medeco-hosted cloud-based software helps deliver flexible, cost-effective solutions that increase security, accountability, and compliance on every opening.

Medeco partners with Amazon Web Services, the #1 cloud services provider, to host your data. Amazon also offers several add-on services to help streamline your business.

Medeco administers solutions for thousands of customers. Those options range from security and compliance to data storage and analytics. The Medeco team can assist with set-up and can help you navigate these offerings.

Here are some of the benefits to partnering with Medeco to host your XT software.

  • Security: Your data is backed up and redundant. Medeco exceeds industry security standards.
  • Easy-to-use: We remove the complexity for you. The Medeco team can assist you with your set-up.
  • Convenience: Ready immediately. No software to load.
  • Cost Savings: Partnering with Medeco to host your software eliminates your need to maintain:
    • The database or personnel needed to administer it
    • Anti-virus software
    • Patches
    • Updates
    • Backup
    • HVAC/cooling
    • Flexibility: Change your cloud services plan at any time.
    • Scalability: Easily scale up or down, as your needs change.
    • Data: It’s always available.
    • Support: Access Medeco support for troubleshooting, support, and training.


Complete XT Web Manager Tutorial Video

Watch this comprehensive video to learn more about how to use XT Web Manager Software.