Data Analytics


Manage Your Facility Security in Just Three Clicks!

As a facility owner or security administrator, you need to know what openings employees have accessed or attempted to access and when. You also need to know if an employee is acting out of the ordinary.

Chances are you have no idea--especially if you have a mechanical key system. If you have an electronic access control system (EAC) on some openings, you may still be in the dark. Audit records could easily total in the thousands or millions making it virtually impossible to spot trends. It is not surprising that a recent study showed that 30% of unauthorized accesses go unreported because “big data” has become too much data for administrators to compile into usable reports. Medeco recognized and seized upon this opportunity to provide an innovative solution. We've developed a unique software feature that's part of the Medeco XT intelligent key system called Data Analytics that creates actionable data from all those audit records. 

Introducing Medeco XT Data Analytics

Medeco XT Data Analytics is a new visual audit feature that converts all the audit data into a simple graphic dashboard. This dashboard approach immediately illustrates several important metrics that will revolutionize your security system. 

You'll know WHO is creating the problem, WHEN the problem was occurring, WHAT openings are affected, and even WHY the problem was created in the first place. For more detailed information, watch the Medeco XT Data Analytics demonstration video below.

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