XT SPC Key Cabinet


Available in Several Models Including a 64, 32, or 16 Key Option

The Medeco XT SPC is a robust metal key cabinet that secures up to 64 individual Medeco XT Intelligent keys. The cabinet ensures that XT keys are securely stored and charged, and individually locked in place, thus ready for use when needed. With optional mechanical rings, the device can also be used to secure mechanical keys for greater versatility.

The Medeco XT SPC offers a full audit of key removal and return and fully networked software allowing multiple levels of oversight. The cabinet includes a mechanical key override on its security door and there is a battery back-up in case of power failure. 

The Medeco XT SPC key cabinet is an ingenious key programming, management, and charging system that adds tremendous value to many markets, including retail, critical infrastructure, and commercial applications.

XT-SPC Features:

  • Reduces risk of lost or uncharged keys
  • Keys are always ready because they charge whilebeing stored
  • XT programming device to allow convenientreprogramming of keys upon removal
  • Full audit of key removal and return
  • Fully networked software allows multiple levelsof oversight
  • Battery back-up to ensure key access duringpower failure
  • Durable 16-guage powder coated metal enclosure
  • User specific rights determine access to:  
  • One key
  • Multiple keys
  • Multiple keys, but only one can be removed
  • User key port(s) are illuminated to indicateunlocked keys
  • Mechanical key override for security door

Available Options:

  • 64 or 32 XT key charging/secure positions
  • Satellite Barcode/Programming Device (Optional)
  • Network/hosted or stand-alone mode
  • Mechanical fobs + Security Seals for use with mechanical keys

Connectivity/Technical Information:

  • TCI/IP Network connection - standard
  • Cellular Antenna & Modem, service sold separately(Optional)*
  • 110 V.A.C., 60 Hz. Plug provided, Hard wiring suggested
  • 64 pos device: 28-1/8" W X 27-1/8 H X 8" D; 65 lbs
  • 32 pos device: 18" W X 18" H X 8" D; 45 lbs