The Benefits of Intelligent Keys

Intelligent Key Benefits

Medeco® Intelligent Key products provide cost-effective and easy-to-install accountability solutions by allowing quick changing of access rights and tracking of access information. These electronic keys and cylinders are ideal for sensitive areas that benefit from audit, scheduling and easy rekeying without the overkill of traditional electronic access control.

Protect employee records

Social Security Numbers, medical records, salary and other personal information is very sensitive and must be kept private to reduce the risk of legal action. Legislation often governs how this information must be protected and often requires audit information.

  • Control access to sensitive employee documents
  • Audit the cylinder or individual keys to monitor or document activity

Storage or display of high-liability/high cost goods

Storage rooms and display units are a common business liability. Ideally, associates should only have access when needed, and their access should be monitored to control/understand loss. eCylinders provide fast and economical control that can be moved as company needs change.

  • Reduce financial loss from theft
  • Control access to expensive merchandise
  • Intelligent Keys are easily moved to other areas as company needs change

Reduce financial and records loss

Loss of paper and electronic financial records is a greater liability than most companies understand. Access should be vigorously controlled and monitored— even more so when credit card data is involved. Both Sarbanes-Oxley and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) require a record of access, and violators can face significant financial penalties.

  • Control and monitor access to server rooms and enabled network jacks
  • Reduce liability and increase integrity of card data
  • Secure and monitor access to backup media

Secure information technology and network resources

What good is network security if anyone can access your server rooms at any time? What damage would occur if all of the corporate 'secrets' were accessed by an outsider? Knowing who accessed IT rooms is critical to protect both strategic and financial data.

  • Control and monitor access to server rooms.
  • Reduce liability and increase integrity of financial data.

Control access to hazardous areas or materials

Not everyone who needs access to an area needs access all the time. Scheduling their keys to open locks only when you want them in an area can prevent loss and damage.

  • Reduce loss of stolen materials
  • Minimize potential safety risks in mechanical or storage rooms

Simple and portable method of tracking employees' activity

A small business may not have the security staff to monitor and control access at all times, but still have the need.

  • Reduce liability of staff accessing materials or areas at unauthorized times
  • Easily change authorization or monitor usage for new or departing employees
  • Track opening and closing times through audit records

Secure gates and perimeter fencing

Many businesses have tremendous liability resulting from lack of control/access information from perimeter fencing and gates due to the difficulty of securing these applications. For many airports, utilities or shipping companies, state or federal regulations often dictate the need for audit information from these areas.

Medeco® eCylinders are a cost effective, portable way to gain flexibility and audit information from perimeter fencing and gates.

  • Medeco® eCylinders install with no wires or external power supply.
  • eCylinders are durable in extreme environments.
  • Padlocks or other style cylinders work well for any application with monitoring and scheduling functions.

Manage loading docks and delivery areas

The risk for lost inventory or building access on loading docks or delivery areas is high, increasing risk of loss or liability.

  • Allow access only at times you want and track the keys that are used
  • Reduce loss of stolen materials