2012 NFPA1 Fire Code


The following code language will appear in the 2012 edition of NFPA 1 Fire Code

11.3.6 Standardized fire service elevator keys. Elevators equipped with Phase I Emergency Recall, and Phase II emergency in-car operation, and First Responder Use/Fire Service Access Elevator shall be equipped to operate with a standardized fire service key approved by the AHJ. Existing buildings shall comply with Requirements for Standardized fire service keys. All fire service elevator keys within the jurisdiction shall be uniform and specific for the jurisdiction. Keys shall be cut to a uniform key code. Fire service elevator keys shall be a patent protected design to prevent unauthorized duplication. Fire service elevator keys shall be factory restricted by the manufacturer to prevent the unauthorized distribution of key blanks. No uncut key blanks shall be permitted to leave the factory Fire service elevator keys subject to these rules shall be engraved with “DO NOT DUPLICATE”. Access to standardized fire service keys. Access to standardized fire service elevator keys shall be restricted to the following: Elevator owners or their authorized agents; Elevator contractors. Elevator Inspectors of the jurisdiction. Fire code officials of the jurisdiction. The fire department and other emergency response agencies designated by the AHJ. Duplication or distribution of keys. No person shall duplicate a standardized fire
service elevator key or issue, give, or sell a duplicated key unless in accordance with this code. Responsibility to provide keys. The building owner shall provide up to three (3)
standardized fire service keys if required by the AHJ, upon installation of a standardized fire
service key switch or switches in the building. Existing buildings. Existing buildings shall be in compliance with this requirement one year after adoption by the authority having jurisdiction. Where a standardized key cylinder cannot be installed in an existing elevator key switch assembly, the building’s non-standardized fire service elevator keys shall be provided in an access box in accordance with through The access box shall be compatible with an existing rapid entry access box system in use in the jurisdiction and approved by the AHJ. The front cover shall be permanently labeled with the words “Fire Department Use Only – Elevator keys.” The access box shall be mounted at each elevator bank at the lobby nearest to the lowest level of fire department access. The access box shall be mounted at a location approved by the AHJ.. Contents of the access box shall be limited to the fire service elevator key. Additional elevator access tools, keys and information pertinent to emergency planning or elevator access shall be permitted when authorized by the AHJ. In buildings with two or more elevator banks, a single access box shall be permitted to be used where such elevator banks are separated by not more than 30 feet (9140 mm). Additional access boxes shall be provided for each individual elevator or elevator bank separated by more than 30 feet (9140 mm). A single access box shall be permitted to be located adjacent to a fire command center or the non-standard fire service elevator key shall be secured in an access box used for other purposes and located in accordance with when approved by the AHJ. Access Box(es). The AHJ shall have the authority to require an access box(es) to be installed in an accessible location where access to or within a structure or area is difficult because of security. The access box(es) shall be of an approved type listed in accordance with UL 1037.

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