Elevator Security Solutions


The International Fire Codes and National Fire Protection Association Fire Codes require Standardized Elevator Keys to be patent protected and factory restricted.  These changes were integrated into the 2012 codes in an effort to improve life safety and security while ensuring that emergency responders can quickly access elevators in response to emergency situations.

Medeco is proud to offer a variety of compliant solutions to the elevator industry including switch locks, cam locks and cabinet locks.  Our products meet national, state and local regulatory requirements, offer key control and are made of lasting quality.

Fully compliant with:

Medeco Standarized Fire Service Elevator Key Program:

  • Patent protected locking system with Factory Restricted keys and an Exclusive Fire Service keyway
  • Dedicated Key Codes per Jurisdiction
  • Keys are available only to authorized parties per the code requirements
  • Resellers manage all key distribution
  • Complete OEM and Retrofit Solutions

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