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Medeco®’s DuraCam series of cam locks were specifically designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the gaming industry. With a 1/8 inch key cut on the broad side instead of the top, DuraCam offers one of the strongest keys on the market; guaranteed against breakage.  DuraCam blanks used in the gaming market are only available at authorized Medeco service centers and can only be duplicated with your written permission. Service centers keep your signature on file, so they can verify the authenticity of your approval.

The strongest key combined with patented key control programs that prevent the unauthorized deuplication of keys, make Medeco the superior choice for gaming professionals. 

The DuraCam® series:

  • The key is guaranteed for life
  • Is one of the strongest keys in the gaming market
  • Has a thicker top cut key, a beveled tip and a horizontal key

The DuraCam II:

  • Is a removable core product for the gaming market
  • Can be replaced in a matter of seconds by just swapping out an old core with a new one - ideal for situations when a key is lost or stolen
  • Medeco’s gaming locks will retrofit all applications.

The DuraCam series:

  • Is covered by patents on both the horizontal key technology and the Medeco3 locking system
  • Was designed to easily replace most manufacturers' cam locks and to upgrade Medeco cam locks
  • Was created to fit all major slot machines.
  • Allows for a fast, simple installation that reduces the time machines have to be out of operation.

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