Engineered Security Solutions


The Engineered Security Division of Medeco provides market specific applications to industries such as vending, parking, gaming, and elevators. The division is also responsible for a wide range of markets scattered throughout a diverse Original Equipment Manurfacturer customer base. Medeco locks are currently used on Automated Teller Machines (ATM), club lockers, utility cabinets, safes and transit collection systems, elevators, kiosks, and parking meters, just to name a few.

With Experienced product designers, engineers, machinists and toolmakers, Medeco is capable of assisting with the design of custom products and providing rapid prototyping to assure proper fit into any application. Medeco's commitment to custom manufacturing has resulted in a division devoted exclusively to supporting Original Equipment Manufacuter and spercial market applications.

If your looking for a cam lock to fit your equipment, try the Medeco Cam Lock Selector below to determine which configuration is right for your application: