Banking Security Solutions


Banks and other financial institutions are continually faced with security challenges and the need to improve operational efficiencies. In addressing these challenges, a balance between security, compliance, and accountability is difficult to achieve.

The Medeco XT intelligent key system is designed to achieve this delicate balance, while improving operational efficiency. Financial institutions can enhance security, enforce compliance, and increase accountability while adding controlled access functionality with audit history at every opening. Compliance investigations become simpler, security is improved, risk is decreased, and rekeying is never again necessary.

Controlled & Scheduled Access

Mechanical keys operate locks at any time, on any day, and with no record. When these keys are lost, stolen, or copied, bank security is compromised. With Medeco XT, key operation is specified to where and when each key can gain access. A programmed key works only in specified locks, and will not work outside of its schedule or past its expiration date.

Compliance & Accountability

Unauthorized entry with a mechanical key is nearly impossible to detect. With Medeco XT, locks and keys store a record of every event. Every access attempt, whether access is granted or denied, is recorded and available for audit and investigation purposes. Proving what happened, and what did not happen, is simple through customizable reporting. Unauthorized entry attempts can be exposed and traced to the source, while ensuring compliance at every opening.

Risk & Facility Management

Key duplication and combination dissemination pose constant risks to bank security. With Medeco XT, branch rekeys are never again necessary. Additionally, combination management is eliminated, thereby eliminating or reducing locksmith service calls and their associated costs.

Added Value to Customers & Shareholders

Medeco XT provides for more efficient customer service, and improved security of customer assets and information. Instill confidence in shareholders that branch operations are efficient, cost-effective and secure.

Features and Functionality

  • Biometric or PIN authentication
  • Schedule access with preset expiration
  • Digital record of every attempted access
  • One key for all scheduled openings
  • Dual control locking
  • Dual control programming
  • Dual custody programming
  • Time delay options on safe locks
  • Varying daily schedules
  • Quick key programming
  • Customizable email alerts & notifications
  • Employee survey capability at programming kiosks

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