Medeco XT


Medeco XT is an easy to use and administer electronic lock and audit solution. Designed for facilities where audit, compliance, and risk impact day-to-day procedures and operations, Medeco XT combines the attributes of mechanical keys and locks with the reporting and auditing capabilities of traditional electronic access control, but at a fraction of the cost.

Users easily and efficiently work within a flexible control environment to manage all openings, locks, and keys. Medeco XT key programmers provide the ability to quickly and positively program keys, authenticating users with fingerprint, PIN, or a combined credential. Upon user authentication, each key is programmed with a customizable, predefined schedule based on role, with specific times, dates, and accessible openings. The system records history of every use of the keys, valuable in security and compliance audits, personnel management, and secure operations.

Technical Requirements - Kiosk

  • Network Jack
  • Dedicated Power 120V,15A
  • Mounting space for kiosk is 12”w x 8”d x 6”h

Technical Requirements - EnterpriseManagement Software

  • Desktop OS: MS Windows XP SP2 or later• Server OS (Optional): SBS 2003 or later
  • MS .NET 4  - Processor: 1 GHz or greater- RAM: 1 GB or greater- Free Disk Space 1 GB (2.5 GB for 64-bit systems)- MS IE: 6.0 or later- Windows Installer: 3.1 or later

Medeco XT Supports:

  • Multi-Factor Programmer (MFP)
  • Biometric Identifier and/or PIN code and/or credential
  • Survey Engine
  • Dual-Control & Dual-Custody capabilities
  • Locker, Route and Safe Deposit Box modes
  • Mixed-Use mode
  • Management System (MS) and MFP Grouping
  • Mobile phone tree
  • Web Management
  • System Builder Application
  • Traditional access control integration available

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