Your key system, and its ability to protect your facility, is only as good as your ability to prevent keys from being duplicated without your knowledge. Having the ability to control who can copy keys, and where keys can be copied is the cornerstone for good access rights management. Your ability to protect your keys from unauthorized key duplication is a determining factor in your key system success.

Don’t be fooled by gimmicks such as “Do Not Duplicate” or “Unlawful to Duplicate” messages on your keys. These messages do nothing to protect keys from being copied. The only method for preventing keys from being copied without your knowledge lies in your ability to control the key blanks used in your facility. This can only be achieved through the protection offered with a patented key system that is reinforced with strong, legally binding agreements that account for keys and their method of distribution.

The patent protects your keys against unauthorized production and duplication.  It’s like an insurance policy. Look for a Utility patented key system with the longest life possible, while also taking into consideration the other elements listed in this guide. The key system should have all of the elements listed here as well as a patent life that is valid for a time long enough to protect your investment.

Language to use in key system specification:
The manufacturer’s key system (keys) will be a utility patent protected through at least 2021.