As manufacturers trying to make a sale we all make promises. It's important to document those promises in writing so that they are fulfilled. Any manufacturer that is asking you to commit to a key system or keyway that offers a high level of restriction and patent life should also require the use of Key Control Agreements. Key Control Agreements outline the basic guidelines and principles for good solid key control, and help keep the integrity of your key system intact for the life of your system.

Think of it this way. The last time you bought a cell phone you signed an agreement. That agreement spells out the guidelines and promises between you and your cellular provider. Key Control Agreements for a key system act the same way but with a lot more importance. Key Control Agreements help protect the cylinders and the keys you use to protect life, property, and assets. I would be wary of any manufacturer that does NOT require you to sign an agreement that protects your facility, your key blanks, and your master key system.

Language to use in key system specification:
The manufacturer will require signed Key Control Agreements for the keyway that is assigned to help with the enforcement of key control and to maintain the integrity of the key system.