Upgradeable key heads/bows provide you with options that you can utilize for the future growth of key system and security. Some manufacturers have hybrid style keys that incorporate a mechanical key blade (used to operate your mechanical cylinders), but also have the option for you to change the head/bow of the key from a dummy head (no intelligence) to an electronic head (has intelligence).

The electronic heads can come with 26 bit Weigand PROX or iClass, and will work with compatible electronic card/PROX readers. This will allow you to consolidate multiple credentials (mechanical key and PROX card/fob) into a single credential that will perform both functions (mechanical key and key fob). A key that is upgradeable to an electronic heads provides more convenience for your users, and could reduce the lifetime maintenance and support costs for your system.

Language to use in key system specification:
The manufacturer’s keys must be capable of being configured to allow an upgrade to a dual mechanical/electronic credential by the simple exchange of a field removable key head.