Classic CLIQ Mobile Programming Device


CLIQ Mobile Programmer

The Medeco Classic CLIQ Mobile Programmers significantly expand the capability of your Classic CLIQ Web Manager system. The Mobile Remote Programmer is ideal for use when access is required at remote locations, or if keys need to be physically issued, but access is not yet required or desired. The Mobile Programmer uses a smart phone to provide a key holder the ability to update key credentials while simultaneously uploading audit trail data without the need to recall keys. The programmer connects via Bluetooth connection to either an Android or IOS based phone that has access to the internet.

The Mobile Programming Device is ideal for use when temporary access is required to doors, padlocks or other openings that are in remote locations. Utilizing recurring validation, it virtually eliminates the liability of lost keys.

Remote Programming Device Features

  • Cost effective management  software system
  • Cloud-based management control for ultimate geographical flexibility
  • Exportable audit data to satisfy regulatory and internal reporting
  • Keys updated by key holder with Remote Programming Device
  • Feature-rich management software

For more information on the CLIQ platform, download the literature below,