Medeco XT Verapass


Medeco XT VeraPass is a comprehensive single keylocking solution designed for facilities where audit,compliance and risk impact day-to-day procedures andoperations. It is comprised of enterprise managementsoftware, Microsoft SQL RDBMS, touchscreen kiosks,certified biometric readers, and Medeco XT highsecurityprogrammable keys and locks.

Designed to work in single-use as well as interactivedual-person applications, Medeco XT VeraPass is easy touse and administer, yet it provides a highly secure locking solution with enhanced complianceand audit trail reporting. Authorized users must present a security identifier (i.e., fingerprint,PIN code, credential, etc.) in order to program an electromechanical key at the kiosk. Onceactivated and programmed, the key is removed from the kiosk in order to gain access to thecontainer(s) assigned to the user. Each key remains programmed for a specific amount of time(user-configurable), and is rendered inactive once time expires, or when the key is returnedto the kiosk.

Medeco XT VeraPass is unique in that it combines the attributes and advantages of physicalkeys and mechanical locks with the reporting and auditing capabilities of traditionalelectronic access control at a fraction of the cost. Medeco XT VeraPass only grants privilegesto users based on their unique biometric identifier (who they are), what they have(credential), and/or what they know (PIN code).

Technical Requirements -

  • Kiosk
  • Network Jack
  • Dedicated Power 120V,15A
  • Mounting space for kiosk is 12”w x 8”d x 6”h

Technical Requirements -

  • EnterpriseManagement Software
  • Desktop OS: MS Windows XP SP2 or later• Server OS (Optional): SBS 2003 or later
  • MS .NET 4  - Processor: 1 GHz or greater- RAM: 1 GB or greater- Free Disk Space 1 GB (2.5 GB for 64-bit systems)- MS IE: 6.0 or later- Windows Installer: 3.1 or later

Medeco XT VeraPass Supports:

  • Multi-Factor Programmer (MFP)
  • Biometric Identifier and/or PIN code and/or credential
  • Survey Engine
  • Dual-Control & Dual-Custody capabilities
  • Locker, Route and Safe Deposit Box modes
  • Mixed-Use mode
  • Management System (MS) and MFP Grouping
  • Mobile phone tree
  • Web Management
  • System Builder Applicatio
  • Traditional access control integration available

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