T Handle

The Medeco® T-Handle is the first handle of its type designed specifically to defy forced entry. Conventional die cast construction has been replaced with 300-series stainless steel for the housing and handle components. The housing surrounds the handle to eliminate critical pry points, resist drilling, wrenching and other common forms of physical attack. Rear loading of the lock cylinder, combined with a free spinning hardened steel cover, protects against drilling and pulling.

The Medeco® T-Handle inserts provide most of the same vandal resistant features of the complete Medeco® T-handle in an economical retrofit package. 300 Series stainless steel components and drill shields, defy drills, chisels, punches and other common vandal attacks. The lock cylinder loads behind the handle and is protected from drilling and pulling by a free-spinning hardened steel cover.

Special consideration has been given to serviceability. Cylinders can be quickly changed in the field without special tools. Conformance to NAMA dimensional standards provides a wide choice of cylinders to suit individual security needs.



  • Stands up to drilling, prying, wrenching and other forms of physical attack
  • Free spinning hardened steel cover helps protect lock cylinder against drilling and pulling
  • The housing surrounds the handle to eliminate critical pry points
  • Allows for quick cylinder changes 
  • Supported by Medeco® factory authorized Service Centers 


T-handles retrofit into most factory machines including soft drink machines where the handle housing is integral to the coin slot hardware. Common applications include:

  • Vending machines
  • Bill changers
  • Ticket dispensers


Warranted for two years against manufacturer's defects. See the Medeco® limited warranty for full details.

Technical Information:

  • Available with screw type extensions, 360 degree operations.
  • Available with Cam type standard housing, 90 degree rotation.
  • Also available in a cam type low profile housing.
  • Inserts allow for re-use of existing extension shafts and adapt to both quarter turn and screw type applications.

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Factory Authorized Service Centers

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