Nexgen Removable Plug Lock

The Medeco Nexgen electronic locking system is available in a variety of formats including the Medeco® Removable Plug Lock. The Removable Plug Lock is a hardened steel shell designed to house a Medeco Nexgen T-handle Cylinder.

Specifically designed for vending equipment, money changers, and fare collection systems, this lock allows access to internal mechanisms when the cylinder is removed.

In addition to physical protection, the Medeco Nexgen system gives you the ability to program who gets into your locks and when they get in. The system will track all activity, including unauthorized attempts to open the lock.

These functions are integrated into the Medeco Nexgen software which provides key management and detailed, flexible reporting for complete security management.

All Medeco Nexgen products can be linked together throughout your system. One key can be programmed to open any combination of locks, whether it is a T-handle Cylinder, Cam Lock, or Removable Plug Lock.



  • Control access to your equipment
  • Track all openings and attempted openings of the lock
  • Strong resistance to physical attack
  • No hardwiring allows for easy installation
  • Electronic rekeying provides immediate response to lost or stolen keys
  • Power comes from the key and not the equipment
  • Flexible and incorporates existign T-handle Cylinder

Applications - Used when the ability to control and track access is a vital component of your security.  The Medeco NXn Removable Plug Lock was specifically designed for installations where access to a mechanism must be protected. 

Applications include:

  • Vending equipment
  • Dispensing equipment
  • Money changers
  • Fare collection systems

Warranty - One year manufacturer's warranty

Technical Information

  • Shell is hardened steel
  • Insert is plated brass
  • Complete package includes shell, insert and nut
  • Designed to be used with the Medeco NX T-handle Cylinder (sold seperately)

Finish - 26 Satin Chrome finish is standard

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