Nexgen T-Handle Cylinder

Medeco Nexgen is a comprehensive loss prevention system incorporating Access Control, Audit Capability, Physical Security and Route Management.

The Medeco NexgenT-handle Cylinder retrofits any NAMA standard T-handle in minutes.  The combination of solid steel components and hardened anti-drill pins protect your assets from physical attack.

The programmable Medeco Nexgen key only grants access to the lock when you decide.  And since you set the expiration date, exposure due to a lost key is virtually eliminated.

These functions are integrated into the Medeco Nexgen software which provides key management capability that can be customized to meet your specific requirements.  The Medeco Nexgen software provides detailed, flexible reports for complete security management.

All Medeco Nexgen products have the ability to be linked together throughout your system to provide full integration.  One key can be programmed to open any combination of locks, whether it is a Cam Lock, T-handle Cylinder or Removable Plug Lock.



  • Protect your revenues by controlling access to your locks
  • Improve collection efficiency by tracking all openings of the lock
  • Strong resistance to physical attack
  • Electronic re-keying reduces your exposure from lost or stolen keys
  • Simple installation saves you valuable service time

Applications - T-handle applications requiring the ability to control when access is allowed and the ability to track when access is attempted.  T-handle Cylinders can be used in vending machines, bill changers, token dispensers, kiosks, value-add terminals and more

Warranty - One year manufacturer's warranty

Technical Information

  • Break away plug face design prevents over torquing
  • Plug face and shell are stainless steel and the bolt is hardened steel
  • Hardened steel anti-drill pins in plug face and plug

Finishes - 26 Satin Chrome finish is standard

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