Medeco B SFIC

Medeco B Small Format Interchangeable Cores (SFIC) are an economic and efficient solution to rekeying needs. Medeco B retrofits existing systems, significantly reducing installation time.

Medeco B offers flexibility and is available in standard 6 and 7 pin format in established industry standard keyways. The reinforced sleeve design provides added strength and durability. Dealers do not need a contract to purchase  Medeco B Small Format Interchangeable Cores. Cores are available through Medeco and authorized distributors.

Medeco B is available in the following industry standard keyways: 1C, 1D, AB, BB, CB, DB,EB, FB, GB, HB, JB, KB, LB, MB, QB, RB, TA, TB, TC, TD, TE, WA, WB, WC, WG, WH & WY.

  Industry Standard Keyways -Medeco B is an economical solution, available in a large selection of industry standard keyways: 1C, 1D, AB, BB, CB, DB,EB, FB, GB, HB, JB, KB, LB, MB, QB, RB, TA, TB, TC, TD, TE, WA, WB, WC, WG, WH & WY.
  Fits Existing & New Master Key Systems -Medeco B is priced to save money vs. other unpatented competitors and can be substituted directly into existing SFIC master key systems.
  Quick Change Cores - Medeco B  Small Format Interchangeable Cores provide quick and easy cylinder changes in the event keys are lost or stolen.


  • Industry Standard SFIC Keyways available
  • Value Priced
  • Made in the USA


  • Medeco B cylinders are warranted for two years against manufacturer's defects. See the Medeco® Limited Warranty for full details.


  • Cylinders can quickly and easily be changed by non-technical personnel by using a special control key which will remove the core from the lock housing. A core with a new combination can then be inserted and the lock will then effectively be "re-keyed". All of this can be done without having to take the lock apart which reduces the expense of calling outside service personnel to perform routine lock "re-keys".
  • Solid brass construction for excellent durability
  • Spool shaped top and bottom pins add a measure of pick resistance
  • Solid nickel silver bottom pins increase wear resistance
  • Individual pin chamber caps provide for ease of servicing
  • Locks can be keyed alike, keyed different, or master keyed depending on your specific needs.


  • Provides a key control retrofit for other manufacturers SFIC products in use in a variety of facilities.


  • Warranted for two (2) years against manufacturer's defects. See the Medeco® Limited Warranty for full details.


  • 05 - Bright Brass 
  • 06 - Satin Brass 
  • 09 - Antique Brass
  • 10 - Satin Brass Blackened 
  • 11 - Bright Bronze
  • 12 - Satin Bronze
  • 13 - Oil Rubbed Bronze 
  • 18 - Bright Nickel 
  • 19 - Satin Nickel
  • 20 - Antique Nickel
  • 22 - Black 
  • 24 - Dark Bronze 
  • 25 - Bright Chrome 
  • 26 - Satin Chrome

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