Nexgen Lock & Vault Door

Nexgen technology provides a streamlined system for physical security, access control and accountability.  The Nexgen  system is entirely self-contained, eliminating the need for a hand-held computer.  The lock contains no mechanical pins and is built to withstand physical attack such as punching and drilling.  Keys can be automatically programmed in groups using the Nexgen  Security Manager - Parking Edition software system.

Keys only open the meters you specify and will not operate outside of their time schedules. Both lock and key hold complete records of every opening or attempted opening of the meter.  Nexgen virtually eliminates your exposure due to lost or stolen keys while improving efficiency of your collections.

The Nexgen lock is sold with our without the vault door to provide seamless integration of your meter.



  • Control access to every meter
  • Track all openings and attempted openings
  • Strong resistance to physical attack
  • No hardwiring for easy installation
  • Can be electronically re-keyed for immediate response to lost or stolen keys

Applications - Parking installations that require access control and audit capability

Technical Information -

  • Available with standard or high capacity brackets
  • Plug face and plug use hardened steel inserts to resist drilling
  • Lock stores up to 2,000 audit events

Warranty: 1 year manufacturers warranty

Finishes: Grey powder coat standard.  Black powder coat available as special order.

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