G8R Padlock

With its tough, weather resistant construction, this is the padlock of choice for extreme environments such as trailers, cargo containers, and gates. The Medeco® G8R body is constructed of solid stainless steel. You can choose from either a stainless steel shackle for maximum corrosion resistance, or hardened steel to withstand severe physical attack. Each padlock includes a weather seal cap attached by a cable.

The Medeco G8R will accept either electronic Medeco Nexgen or XT, as well as mechanical pop-out style (t-handle) cylinders. The mechanical cylinders provide the benefit of patented key control and pick resistance. The Medeco Nexgen or XT cylinders add sophisticated audit and control features transforming the G8R into a portable access control system for extreme environments.

The Medeco® G8R padlock can be ordered with a variety of different cylinder technologies. To compare the mechanical features, see the below chart.

Mechanical Cylinder Features


UL listed x

Can be incorporated into master key system with cam lock products x

Protect against drill, wrenching, bumping and prying attacks x
Solid Brass Construction x

Patent Protected Keys x  


For loss and liability control, the G8R offers the following ecylinder options:

Electronic Cylinder Features

Nexgen / XT

Audit of the cylinder x
Audit of the key x
Provides Scheduling x
No wiring involved x
Multiple user access groups x



  • Sealed construction protects cylinders from water and road grime.
  • Stainless Steel body resists attack and corrosion.
  • Shackles can be specified in stainless or hardened steel to fit your application.
  • Padlock can house a Medeco® mechanical cylinder for key control and pick resistance, or an XT or Nexgen cylinder for electronic access control features.



The G8R Series was designed for locking installations requiring weather resistance and strong physical security. Applications include:

  •  cargo containers
  •  trailer doors
  •  gates
  • vending machines



Warranted for two (2) years against manufacturer's defects. See the Medeco® limited warranty for full details.

Technical Information:

  • 300 series, cast stainless steel body.
  • Padlock is sold less cylinder. Compatible with Medeco mechanical, as well as electronic Nexgen and XT pop-out style (t-handle) cylinders.
  • Padlocks are shipped with a weather seal cap attached by a steel cable. A finish plate is included for applications that do not require the weather seal cap.

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