Intelligent Key Cabinet (IKC)

The Intelligent Key Cabinet (IKC) from Medeco is a robust and flexible key management system that increases accountability and reduces the risk of misplaced keys. It’s ideal for keys and other assets that require a high level of security and accountability.

A complete storage and control solution, the IKC is an electronically controlled steel cabinet that restricts access to keys, and can only be opened by authorized personnel using PIN, Biometric Fingerprint, or Prox Card authentication (optional). The IKC electronically keeps a record of key removals and returns - by whom and when. Not only does the IKC improve employee efficiency and lower operating costs, helps improve key accountability by letting you know who has keys and by sending alerts for unreturned keys.

IKC Main Cabinets are available in either 32 or 64 key ports with the option to add on cabinets for storage up to 512 keys.

The IKC comes in three configurations. To learn more about each configuration, click on the links below.

Additional Information


All configurations of the IKC feature:

  • Two cabinet sizes with 32 and 64 port sizes
  • Biometric fingerprint reader
  • Built-in LCD screen for access and programming at the cabinet
  • Supports multi-factor authentication
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • SMS and email alert messages
  • Camera for security photo capture
  • Comprehensive Reporting & Analytics
  • Multi-System Networking
  • Medeco High Security mechanical lock for manual override
  • Optional: Smart card reader, stand
  • Accountability: No more wondering who has keys. Complete audit trail and reporting by user and key activity means fewer lost keys.  Fewer lost keys leads to lower expenses and improved security.
  • Analytics: Identify potential problems in access and return patterns before they escalate. Complete reporting suite provides multiple reporting options to provide real-time data. Reports can be automatically generated and sent to multiple users by email or SMS text. Custom reports can be configured and exported to Excel for added convenience. 
  • Security: Keep keys onsite and secure. Only authorized users are able to access the assets in the IKC using Biometric Fingerprint, PIN, and/or Prox Card authentication (optional) for added security and control. Customizable user access groups allow for tighter control of higher security keys. The IKC supports multi-factor authentication. For added security, a digital photo of each login is captured.
  • Convenience: Allow employees to retrieve keys quickly without waiting for a manager. Quick, easy-to-use web-based software shows what keys are out, and to whom they are issued. Upon checkout, the appropriate key is indicated on the panel by flashing LEDs. The IKC also allows the return of any key to any location in the cabinet, and then learns the key's new location.
  • Productivity: Eliminates the need for an Administrator or Manager to distribute keys to employees. The employees are empowered with access to retrieve their own keys when and where they are needed.
  • Multiple configurations available: By selecting the right option for your needs, you can securely store and distribute mechanical keys, XT Intelligent Keys, or other assets. (Ask your local Medeco representative, read below, or fill out the form at the bottom of the page for more details.)
  • Scalability: The IKC system can grow as business needs grow with up to 7 add-on cabinets for every main cabinet.
IKC Awards


The Medeco Intelligent Key Cabinet has already won multiple industry awards!

The IKC was named the Platinum winner for the 2022 Security Today 2022 Government Security Awards (Govies.) in the Locks and Locking Systems category.

The IKC was named the Gold winner in the Key Management category for the 2022 Secure Campus Awards.

The IKC won Security Today's New Product of the Year Award in the Tools and Hardware Category.

The IKC has also been named a champion in's 3rd Annual Vision Awards in the Life Safety & Security category.

Mechanical iFob Configuration

The Mechanical iFob Configuration meets the security needs of any industry or application by securely storing and tracking mechanical keys and other assets.  The Mechanical iFob Configuration uses exclusive iFob tracking technology to enhance accountability, analytics, and asset control for mechanical keys and other assets.

The iFob is a nickel-plated brass device with a unique electronic ID. When it is secured to a key or other assets it enables identification by administration software, and all its activity is recorded.


  • Only authorized users are able to access the cabinet.
  • Customizable groups allow for controlled access.
  • Unauthorized key removal triggers notifications.


  • Easy-to-use web-interface shows what keys are in, what keys are out, and to whom they are issued.
  • Complete reporting reduces lost keys.
  • Multi-system networking.
  • Authorized administrators can access the system from any PC-based web browser.


  • Option of 32 or 64 ports, with the ability to add on more cabinets.
  • Heavy-gauged steel enclosure with user-friendly touch-screen interface.
  • Available in Standard, Mini, or Add-On Cabinet size.
  • Camera, fingerprint reader, and Medeco high-security cylinder allcome standard.

XT Configuration

An essential element of the Medeco XT ecosystem, the IKC XT Configuration seamlessly integrates the benefits of the Medeco XT key system and software while securely storing and charging XT keys. Medeco XT adds security, regulatory compliance, and accountability to virtually every opening in a fast, efficient way. The IKC maintains records of key removals and returns.

The IKC integration with XT Web Manager software provides complete tracking, audit accountability, and electronic access scheduling. This powerful integration allows you to see exactly who removed keys, when keys were removed, which openings were accessed and when, and when the keys were returned. Custom programming of user access rights in the XT software enhances security and simplifies key control by assigning users a single Intelligent Key that gives them access to all the locks they need to open.


  • IKC reads XT key serial numbers, enabling identification of the key being taken/returned. 
  • Audit records show exactly which key was taken, who took it, what openings were accessed and when the key was returned. 
  • Built-in XT IPD programmer allows keys to be left unprogrammed until needed.

Fully integrated with XT Software

  • Creates synergy between the IKC and the XT web manager software. 
  • Single user database with XT web. 
  • Keys are stored unprogrammed until user authenticates and syncs with XT schedule. 
  • Local or Medeco-hosted software options.


  • Charges and secures XT keys. 
  • Option of 32 or 64 XT ports, with the ability to add on more cabinets. 
  • Upon key return, audit data is retrieved and the key is deprogrammed. 
  • Available in Standard, Mini, or Add-On Cabinet size. 
  • Heavy-gauged steel enclosure with user-friendly touch-screen interface. 
  • Camera, fingerprint reader, and Medeco high-security cylinder all come standard.

Hybrid Configuration

The IKC Hybrid Configuration securely stores and tracks a combination of XT keys and mechanical keys/other assets.

  • IKC is powered by Medeco XT software integration
  • Includes 32 XT ports and 32 iFob ports.
  • Available in Standard or Add-On; not available in Mini Cabinet.

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