M³ Cabinet Locks

Medeco® Cabinet Locks are specifically designed for drawer or cabinet door applications where a conventional utility cam lock may not be suitable. Cabinet Locks utilize heavy-duty bolts and multi-point attachment to the mounting surface in order to withstand the heavy use and higher physical security some applications may require. All Medeco® Cabinet Locks feature solid brass and steel construction, available in either fixed or removable core. Patented key programs prevent the unauthorized duplication of keys and maintain system integrity. Keyed alike, keyed different, or master keyed, the Medeco® Cabinet Lock is the perfect solution for your showcase security needs.

Medeco® Cabinet Locks can be ordered with a variety of different cylinder technologies. To compare the mechanical features, see the below chart.

Mechanical Cylinder Features



Medeco X4

BHMA A156.30 Level A Certification x    
Can be incorporated into existing master key system x x x
Protect against drill, wrenching, bumping and prying attacks x x  
Solid Brass Construction x x x
Key may be retrofitted with a prox head x x x

For loss and liability control, the Cabine Lock offers the following ecylinder options:

Electronic Cylinder Features

Medeco XT

Classic CLIQ

Audit of the cylinder x x
Audit of the key x x
Can be incorporated into Medeco® Mechanical system    
Provides Scheduling x x
No wiring involved x x
Multiple user access groups x x


  • Medeco® high security cabinet locks are constructed of durable machined brass and solid steel components.
  • Available in either fixed or removable core depending on your specific requirements. 
  • Available in either deadbolt or spring latch models.
  • Unique elevating and rotating tumbler pin system is virtually pick proof.
  • Patented Medeco3 keys may only be duplicated by Medeco® or an authorized Medeco® service outlet, and only at your request.
  • Medeco® Cabinet Locks can be keyed in with other 60 Series products (10 Series products may be keyed into existing 60 Series systems).
  • Locks can be keyed alike, keyed different,.or master keyed depending on your specific needs.


Medeco® Cabinet Locks are specifically designed for use in metal or wooden drawer and cabinet door applications including:

  • Medical and narcotics
  • Chests and cabinets
  • Showcases
  • Cash carts
  • Drawers


Warranted for two (2) years against manufacturer's defects. See the Medeco® limited warranty for full details.

Technical Information:

  • Four pin models available in either deadbolt or spring latch versions. 
  • 7/8 inch diameter, surface mount, fixed or removable core available.
  • One and two flat models available, key retaining or not.
  •  Deadbolt fixed core available in non-key retaining.
  • Keyed alike, keyed different, or master keyed.


  • 26 brushed chrome finish standard.
  • Other finishes available, depending on volume.

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