XT Safe Lock

The Medeco XT Safe Lock is a direct replacement for physical security devices that utilize standard mechanical dial combination locks or digital keypad locks. The Medeco XT Safe Lock includes a Reader with Key Port mounted on the outside of the safe door, and is available in one of three XT lock configurations designed to meet a variety of retrofit needs: Deadbolt, Spring Bolt and Swing Bolt.

Once installed, the Medeco XT Safe Lock will remain in a typically "locked" state securing the safe or other physical security device. To access the safe, a Medeco XT Key is programmed via the Medeco XT Management Software system to only open a specific XT Safe Lock and the key is issued to a specific User.

The User inserts the XT Key into the Key Port on the exterior Reader. Power is supplied by the key to the Lock PCB and authentication is initiated with a secure process over the interface communications cable. An LED provides visual feedback to the User on the current state of the lock. If the Lock PCB and XT Key are in agreement that access is granted, the Lock PCB will provide power to the internal motor/bolt blocker and the User is allowed to rotate the key to unlock the lock. If the XT Key is not authorized, the User will be prevented from unlocking the safe lock.




  • Retrofits to existing mechanical/electronic safe lock door prep
  • Dual control and time delay functions available--Switch selectable
  • Lock housings have zinc die cast construction and are available in three bolt configurations
  • Deadbolt with drive spline • Spring bolt with drive spline
  • Swing bolt (wire only)
  • All power to operate the lock is provided by the XT key
  • Reader and lock connect over four-wire interface cable
  • All electronics are secure inside the lock
  • CR2 battery in reader provides power to LED
  • Certifying to UL 2058 Type 1 Standard

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