Environmental Product Declarations


Medeco's sustainability initiative includes the development of Environmental Product Declarations or EPDs. Simply put, an EPD provides a standardized way of quantifying the environmental impact of a product or system throughout its life cycle: from extraction of raw materials through materials processing, manufacture, distribution and disposal. EPDs are independently verified and registered by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Medeco has nine products with an EPD and more declarations are in the works. In fact, products made in Medeco’s Salem, Va. manufacturing facility utilize recycled and regional materials, while the plant itself has reduced impacts including its carbon footprint, energy consumption, and water use. 

Why is an EPD valuable to our customers? An EPD:

  • Contributes to earning points towards LEED v4 certification
  • Satisfies Sustainable Supply Chain requirements
  • Reflects continuous environmental improvement of products
  • Verifies environmental attributes
  • Promotes transparency to the public 

The Medeco products below have a published Environmental Product Declaration. Click on the product name to read the full declaration:

M3 CLIQ KIK/Lever   M3 CLIQ Mortise Cylinder        M3 KIK/Lever                  MKey
 XT Mortise Cylinder           XT SFIC  M3 Mortise Cylinder           M3 CLIQ Key
         X4 SFIC