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Small Format Interchangeable Core (SFIC) Product Suite Offers Optimal Security

Medeco introduces Smart SFIC Solutions ideal for hospitals, schools and colleges

SALEM, VA (July 13, 2010) – Medeco High Security Locks has launched a suite of Small Format Interchangeable Core (SFIC) products designed to offer maximum value, competitive prices and superior key capabilities to fit a variety of security needs. Three locks featured in the Smart SFIC Solutions™ product line, Nexgen XT, KeyMark x4 and Arrow Pointe, provide a range of security protection without any new hardware or repairs to existing locks.

"The Smart SFIC Solutions line of products was designed to give our customers and end-users options at various pricing and performance levels to fit their security needs. We believe that this level of selection will benefit most facility managers or security directors who are seeking the latest technology to protect their facilities but also diversity in selection, function and price points. Because they can fit into existing keyways, they are easy to install and don't require additional hardware or wiring," said Tom Kaika, President of Medeco. Ideal for hospital, K-12 schools, and college and university facilities, this suite of SFIC products offers consistent quality and durability in various formats to fit a range of security needs. The Smart SFIC Solutions suite of products offers the following benefits:


The Smart SFIC Solutions range is manufactured to high quality standards to offer customers maximum value at competitive prices.

Reduced Loss and Liability

Without changing hardware or hard wiring, customers can have accountability and flexible electronic master key capabilities to protect sensitive or critical areas with Nexgen XT.

Proven Quality

The Smart SFIC Solutions product family is created in a state-of-the-art U.S. manufacturing facility for consistent quality and reliability. Customers can expect superior service delivered by an extensive network of distributors, service centers and dealers providing unmatched service. "The three products in the Smart SFIC Solutions suite give customers options for high quality and durable security solutions," said Kaika. "Customers can choose to deploy any or all of them, depending on their needs within their facility."

Nexgen XT

This eCylinder product offers convenient access programming with no wiring or power supply necessary. Nexgen XT fits into any SFIC housing and is powered by a rechargeable key that allows access to be audited and managed with user-friendly software.

KeyMark x4

This SFIC cylinder will retrofit Best®-style housings and is ideal when patented key control is required. Cylinders are made of solid brass for high quality and durability. Keys can be cut using standard code type machines, and patented control protects against unauthorized key duplication.

Arrow Pointe

Arrow Pointe offers unmatched flexibility and keying options. Made of solid brass with a reinforced sleeve design, this core will fit existing Best® hardware and is available in most Best® keyways and many other systems.

Smart SFIC products by Medeco and Arrow represent a complete line of solutions designed to bring new capabilities and opportunities to facilities and industries seeking innovative security solutions without a high cost. For more about Smart SFIC Solutions products, visit