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Medeco’s NEXGEN XT Electronic Cylinder Delivers Flexibility and Convenience

Salem, Va. (May 4, 2011) –NEXGEN XT is the latest addition to Medeco’s Smart SFIC Solutions product lineup, allowing facilities that utilize small format interchangeable core (SFIC) cylinders to quickly and easily retrofit with an electronic cylinder. User scheduling, audit logs of entry, and key expiration are unique and valuable characteristics of the product, which requires no wiring, hardware changes, door or frame modifications.

NEXGEN XT allows SFIC mechanical systems administrators to quickly and easily upgrade hardware in areas where sensitivity to loss or liability might require higher accountability at the point of entry. The core is a direct retrofit into any Best™ style housing and is operated by a small, rugged, rechargeable key. Keys can be programmed to operate on specific schedules or times, or have expirations set for administrators wishing to limit long-term access to a particular area. “The primary benefit to most facilities is the added accountability the scheduling and audit features provide, and the nearly instant upgrade ability for SFIC users,” says Joseph Kingma, Director of Business Development for Medeco High Security Locks. “Accountability is an increasingly important security tool because it allows administrators to identify suspicious access trends as they work to reduce either loss or liability within their facility.”

Both the NEXGEN XT cylinder and key are constructed from high-quality stainless steel for reliable operation in nearly any environment, and they are rated for exterior use. “There’s a growing need beyond what mechanical masterkey systems can offer for enhanced protection, flexibility and data needed to control access in today’s increasingly complex security environments,” Kingma adds. “NEXGEN XT goes beyond basic lock functionality to offer extensive benefits to the end user. It is a viable, cost effective solution that delivers convenience, durability and peace of mind.”