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Medeco eCylinders Poised to Challenge Traditional EAC Solutions


Affordable, functional electronic access control that won’t waste budget

Salem, Virginia (July 5, 2011) – Medeco Security Locks will showcase its suite of electronic cylinder (eCylinder) products at ASIS 2011 in Orlando, Fla., demonstrating how the appropriate use of new eCylinders with audit and scheduling can help control loss and liability without damaging the bottom line.

According to Joseph Kingma, Director of eCylinder Business Development, customers are often under the misperception that effective audit and scheduling is only available in an expensive package. As a result, security in vulnerable areas such as data rooms and storage spaces can be compromised because managers may be reluctant to install expensive EAC on multiple doors.

“When we’re talking about thousands of dollars per door, it’s no wonder that many are hesitant to purchase electronic access control solutions for more than just a few exterior doors,” says Kingma. “What about the security threat to certain restricted areas within the facility such as personnel records, data centers, and financial records storage? Medeco eCylinders offer the benefit of audit and scheduling for these areas for hundreds of dollars instead of thousands.”

“Traditional EAC solutions tout features such as real-time audit which can be a much needed feature. However, unless a company is paying someone to monitor this data as their primary responsibility, it is often an unnecessary feature. So why pay extra for it? In most cases, audit will only be needed after something has occurred,” adds Kingma.

Medeco’s eCylinders, Logic, and Nexgen XT, offer functionality to govern who has access to restricted areas at any given time and empowers security or facilities managers to pull audit information forensically, after a breach occurs, to put a face with the crime and prevent future losses early.

Medeco’s suite of eCylinder products easily and cost-effectively retrofit with no wiring or door prep needed and won’t affect the aesthetic or integrity of existing doors.

Additionally, because they are a retrofit to the existing cylinder, they install in minutes, saving money and minimizing disruption to the business, and can be easily moved to other doors or cabinets if needs change.