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Medeco X4 Cylinder Now Available with CLIQ Technology 

Salem, Va. (August 21, 2015) Medeco® Security Locks, a high security product manufacturer and ASSA ABLOY Group company located in Salem, Va., has announced that Medeco X4 is now available with CLIQ technology, completing the line of Medeco cylinders offered in both mechanical and electronic formats.  .

Medeco X4 CLIQ offers access control with a loss and liability solution that can be keyed into a Medeco X4 mechanical system to provide the ultimate in flexibility. “The X4 platform has one of the largest master key capabilities on the market,” said Wes Lutz, Medeco eCylinder Product Line Manager. “With the launch of X4 CLIQ, facility managers are now able to combine mechanical and electronic access under one intelligent key credential providing the ability to audit, change user access, or disable the key entirely with the utilization of CLIQ Remote Programming and the CLIQ Web Manager.”   

Medeco X4 CLIQ easily retrofits into existing systems so there is no need for hard wiring or expensive door modifications. “The X4 CLIQ is an outstanding value,” added Lutz. “You get enhanced security and accountability at a fraction of the cost of traditional electronic access control systems.”

The Medeco X4 CLIQ system is managed by CLIQ Web Manager, a robust and versatile software that allows system administrators the ability to manage keys and cylinders from anywhere in the world with internet access. X4 CLIQ is optimized by including optional Remote Wall and Mobile Programming Devices that significantly expand the capabilities of the CLIQ Web Manager system to meet customer requirements.

Medeco X4 CLIQ Features:

Controlled Access – Intelligent Keys are electronically programmed to open only specific locks during a designated schedule. Schedules may also contain timely validations that disable the intelligent key until a remote programmer update revalidates the access authorizations.

Accountability - Audit information recorded in both the Medeco X4 CLIQ lock and intelligent key shows a time-and-date stamped record of every event, including authorized accesses and unauthorized attempts.

Electronic Rekeying & Scheduling - Respond quickly to security threats, lost or stolen keys, or personnel changes without the added cost of changing your locks and keys.

Easy Installation – The Medeco X4 CLIQ key provides all power to the cylinder, eliminating the need for any hard wiring or power supply. Simply remove the existing mechanical cylinder and install the X4 CLIQ cylinder.

Physical Security – Medeco X4 CLIQ products add a wide variety of intelligent features without compromising on physical security. Attack-resistant design and tamper-proof features provide strong protection against forced entry.

Efficient System Management – Medeco X4 CLIQ software contains tools that will help you manage your security more efficiently. Flexible programming, scheduled access and full audit reports are offered with the convenience of web-based software.

Applications – X4 CLIQ cylinders are available to fit most application or hardware types for enhanced security and accountability.

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Wes Lutz
eCylinder Product Line Manager
Medeco Security Locks
Salem, VA