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Medeco’s New CLIQ Mobile Programmer Now Available

Salem, Va. (August 8, 2013) – Medeco, an ASSA ABLOY group company, today announced the availability of the Logic and Medeco³ CLIQ Mobile Programmer, a versatile remote key-programming device that allows administrators to update credentials via a mobile phone connection. The new Mobile Programmer, developed to enhance the capability of the CLIQ Web Manager system, is ideal for granting temporary access at remote locations or activating a key at some future date and time. With the Mobile Programmer, a major drawback of mechanical key systems is overcome by only activating a key when and where it is needed, thereby eliminating the risk of lost keys and inappropriate entry. Accountability is also enhanced with the ability to upload audit trail data without the need to recall keys.

In addition, the Mobile Programmer makes the entire CLIQ system more secure by creating a system requiring “dual-authentication” to gain access. Only a person with the correct Medeco³ CLIQ key and a Mobile Programmer setup to access a secure Web Manager system can gain access to areas preset by the Administrator. If no access is required at the time, then the key remains inactive.

“This new functionality allows security managers to have complete control over when employees or contractors have access to assets, regardless of where they are located, and to have full visibility via audits without the complexity of traditional access control,” stated Joseph Kingma, Vice President of Medeco eCylinders. “It’s a cost-effective and feature-rich management software solution that gives enhances control and flexibility and provides administrators the peace of mind that their facility is in good hands.”The Mobile Programmer can now be ordered for the Medeco³ CLIQ Web systems.

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