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Medeco Recommends FLUID FILM for All Cylinder Lubrication 
Lasts up to 10 Times Longer Than Other Lubricants

Salem, Va. (September 29, 2017)Medeco Security Locks, a division of ASSA ABLOY N.A., located in Salem, Va., recommends the use of FLUID FILM® to lubricate all Medeco cylinders. FLUID FILM is a fast acting, invasive, and long lasting lubricant that provides lubricity up to 10 times longer than other lubricants when used in high-use locking devices.


FLUID FILM performs for sustained periods of time, clinging tenaciously to metal surfaces, stopping or preventing corrosion and providing silky slick lubrication. FLUID FILM inhibits flash rust, obstructs atmospheric corrosion and lubricates in even the harshest environments.

FLUID FILM is readily available worldwide and is the only lubricant used within the Medeco factory. Medeco does not recommend the use of other lubricants on its cylinders.

How Often to Lubricate:

The frequency of lubrication depends on the location of the cylinder, weather conditions and amount of use.  A lock installed on an interior door that is only used a couple times a day should be lubricated once a year.  A lock installed on the exterior entrance door of an apartment with several hundred tenants and freezing weather conditions should be lubricated at least four times a year or anytime the key is difficult to insert or turn.

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About Medeco:

Founded in 1968 and based in Salem, Va., Medeco is a market leader in mechanical and electronic locks and locking systems for security, safety, and control.  The company’s customer base includes wholesale and retail security providers, original equipment manufacturers, and institutional, commercial, industrial, and residential end-users.  Visit for additional information.


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