Utility Security Solutions


Utility executives and federal energy officials have long worried that power utilities are vulnerable to sabotage by both physical and cyber attacks. Whether the threats are posed by terrorists, disgruntled former employees, or teenagers performing a prank, the end result of unauthorized access and tampering at a utility facility is the same – a disruption of local and even national electrical power supply and utility generation and transmission.

Unfortunately, many power utility components are often in remote, unattended locations and protected by little more than cameras and chain-link fences. As a result, there are numerous instances of equipment tampering and destruction due to the ease of accessing facilities.

In response to the compliance requirements of CIP Standards 006-3c and 006-5, utilities have deployed various tactics including physical access control systems, electronic access control systems, cameras, security locks, fences, and more.

However, there is a solution that is far more efficient and effective. A utility can become complaint on many openings by simply replacing its outdated and uncontrolled mechanical master key system with a Medeco Intelligent Key System.

Controlled Access - Keys are electronically programmed to open only specific locks during a designated schedule. Schedules may also contain an expiration point to completely disable the key until it is audited and reprogrammed.

Accountability - Audit information recorded in both the lock and key shows a time-and-date stamped record of every event, including authorized accesses and unauthorized attempts.

Electronic Rekeying & Scheduling - Respond quickly to security threats, lost or stolen keys, or personnel changes without the added cost of changing your locks and keys.

Easy Installation - Intelligent key systems provide all power to the cylinder, eliminating the need for any hard wiring or power supply. Simply remove the existing mechanical cylinder and install the ecylinder.

Physical Security - Medeco ecylinders add a wide variety of intelligent features without compromising on physical security. Attack-resistant design and tamper-proof features provide strong protection against forced entry.