M³ & X4 CLIQ merges the flexibility of electronics with reliable mechanical technology - all in a Large Format Interchangeable Core M³ & X4 CLIQ offers end users audit trail, user access schedules and the ability to quickly add or remove a key electronically from a system.

M³ & X4 CLIQ installs with no wiring in a matter of minutes and digital keys and digital cylinders reprogram for instant changes.

Controlled Access - Keys are electronically programmed to open only specific locks during a designated schedule. Schedules may also contain an expiration point to completely disable the key until it is audited and reprogrammed.

Accountability - Audit information recorded in both the lock and key shows a time-and-date stamped record of every event, including authorized accesses and unauthorized attempts.

Electronic Rekeying & Scheduling - Respond quickly to security threats, lost or stolen keys, or personnel changes without the added cost of changing your locks and keys.

Easy Installation - The M³ & X4 CLIQ key provides all power to the cylinder, eliminating the need for any hard wiring or power supply. Simply remove the existing mechanical cylinder and install the M³ or X4 CLIQ cylinder.

Physical Security - M³ CLIQ products add a wide variety of intelligent features without compromising on physical security. Attack-resistant design and tamper-proof features provide strong protection against forced entry.

Efficient System Management - M³ & X4 CLIQ software contains tools that will help you manage your security more efficiently. Flexible programming, scheduled access and full audit reports are offered with the convenience of stand-alone or web-based software.

Unlimited Applications - M³ CLIQ cylinders are available to fit nearly any application or hardware type for enhanced security and accountability.

Electronic Cylinder Features



Audit of the cylinder x x
Audit of the key x x
Can be incorporated into Medeco® Mechanical system  x x
Provides Scheduling x x
No wiring involved x x
Multiple user access groups x x



Lock / Cylinder Features

  • 1,000 groups per cylinder/1,000 keys per group
  • Audit cylinder up to 750 audit records
  • Encrypted communications
  • Available in all common cylinder formats including KIK/KIL, Large Format Interchangeable Core, Padlocks and Deadbolts
  • Installs into standard hardware with no wiring or other modifications
  • Reprogrammed with ease to use software and administration key
  • Mechanically compatible with Medeco³ and Medeco³ BiLevel
  • Installs in minutes
  • Weather resistant
  • Available in most standard finishes

Key Features

  • Mechanical and Electronic technology are combined for superior security with Medeco® patented key control
  • Audit key up to 1,000 audit records provides information unavailable in a mechanical system
  • Self-cleaning electronic contact point for a long lasting key and reliable connection
  • Powered by an easily replaceable CR2025 Battery with 20,000 cycle battery life.
  • Available with RFID/PROX coil insert for dual use with HID compatible systems.
  • Rated for -20 degrees Farenheit to 122 degrees Farenheit (cylinder and key)
  • Visible and audible status feedback
  • Compact size in water resistant housing

Memory: Non-volatile Memory Storing 750 Audit Events in the lock and 1,000 in the key

Software: Local software client or web hosted option available

Power: Power supplied by the key, no hard wiring required

Lockcase: Fits standard Medeco® LFIC Housing

Weather Resistant: Can be used in indoor or outdoor applications.

Physical Security: Drill and Tamper Resistant

Lockout: Lost or Stolen keys can be blacklisted so they will not function

Warranty: Medeco® warrants the M³ & X4 CLIQ products to be free of defects in material and/or workmanship for a period of two (2) years from date of original purchase.

Finishes: Available in several finish options

Formats: M³ & X4 CLIQ eCylinder technology is available in LFIC, Padlocks,Key in Knob/Lever, Rim Cylinders, Mortise Cylinders, and International Cylinders, just to name a few.

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