University Security Solutions


Colleges and universities have specific security needs unique to their environment. Medeco manufactures products that suit their needs for audits, scheduling, large masterkey systems, one key convenience, easy retrofit, and much more. 

For areas of the facility will need 24/7 access and will not require information about who has entered.  Medeco offers several high security mechanical key-control solutions that are ideal.

However, other areas of the campus will need to track access information. FERPA requires schools to closely control access to records including medical and academic files. Government mandated testing materials must also be stored in a secure area.  These items are often located at various areas of a school that are not easily secured. Audit information can be helpful to eliminate liability should information loss occur. 

Being able to secure computer lab equipment has never been more critical for schools, both during and after hours. Mechanically rekeying such facilites to account for student and faculty turnover can be time consuming, cumbersome and expensive. With Medeco eCylinder, key access can be electronically changed in a matter of minutes, saving time and money! It’s a system that cuts risks without sacrificing access to important learning tools.

Medeco offers the perfect combination of high security mechanical and eCylinder solutions to meet the multifaceted needs of education campuses of all sizes. 

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