Medeco3 CLIQ Mortise Cylinder


Medeco is committed to attaining the highest level of transparency which is becoming increasingly important to facility owners and end-users. To that end, Medeco is now developing Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) on many of its products.

Publishing an EPD for the Medeco­3 CLIQ Mortise Cylinder, a top-of-the-line high security product, was a natural ‘next step’ in Medeco's sustainability initiative. 

An EPD presents quantified environmental data for products or systems based on information from a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), assessing a full range of mpacts associated with all cradle-to-grave stages of a process: from extraction of raw materials through materials processing, manufacture, distribution and disposal.

Why is an EPD valuable to our customers?

  • Contribute to earning points in LEED v4
  • Satisfy Sustainable Supply Chain requirements
  • Reflect continuous environmental improvement of products
  • Verified environmental attributes
  • Promotes transparency to the public 

 Read the full Environmental Product Declaration 
 here for the M3 CLIQ Mortise Cylinder.