Medeco XT Data Analytics


Three Clicks and You’ve Got Your Answer!

A security administrator wants to know, “What’s out of the ordinary?” and “Who’s accessing (or trying to access) specific locks and when?” 

In most large facilities, the administrator must sift through countless access control spreadsheets—sometimes totaling millions of records—just to spot trends. And that’s when analysis can lead to paralysis. A recent study shows that 30% of unauthorized accesses go unreported because “big data” has become "too much data" for administrators to compile into usable reports. Medeco recognized and seized upon this opportunity to innovate. We've developed a unique way to create “actionable” data from “big” data and the solution has customers singing our song!

Introducing Medeco XT Data Analytics

Medeco XT Data Analytics is a new visual audit feature that’s part of the Medeco XT Web Manager. We’ve taken those countless spreadsheet tables and converted that data into a simple, visual “dashboard.” This dashboard approach immediately illustrates several important metrics, and it also provides security administrators with new ways of utilizing the data. 

Now you can see critical events in seconds instead of weeks or even months!