Revenue Security Solutions


Medeco® is the leader in high security locks and it all starts with key control.

Medeco locks feature key control programs that are based on unique Medeco3 cylinder and key technologies, which are protected by patent, trademark, and copyright laws.

Keys may only be duplicated by Medeco or an authorized Medeco service center –– and only at your request.

Medeco's product line of high security vending locks offers a variety of protective measures by combining a pick-resistant cylinder with multiple levels of resistance to physical attack.

All three series of Medeco T-handles cylinders:

  • Can be keyed together in the same system for ease of key management
  • Combine stainless steel T-handle with a free-spinning, hardened steel cover, protecting the the cylinder - and creating a lock that is almost indestructible

Plus, all Medeco T-handle cylinders are UL listed and incorporate Medeco's patented triple locking system which makes the lock virtually pick proof. Cylinders are also protected by steel inserts to protect the lock against drilling and forced entry.

Medeco has all the locks you need to secure your vending machines. And all the high security options you want to safeguard your business.

For more information, download the:
Medeco XT Route & Revenue Security Solutions Brochure