Multi-Attribute Certifications


Medeco is proud to be certified by GreenCircle Certified, LLC on multiple products through Multi-Attribute Certification.

This certification focuses on the following primary areas of reducing environmental factors:

  •  Regional Raw Material Sourcing
  •  Recycled Content
  •  Closed Loop Product
  •  Carbon Footprint Reduction
  •  Reduced Energy Useage
  •  Reduced Water Usage

GreenCircle Certified, LLC was established to ensure specificity in third-party certification after many misleading or unsubstantiated sustainability claims were encountered in the green marketplace. GreenCircle’s rigorous evaluation process provides trusted transparency that a manufacturer’s product claims are authentic. In today’s discerning market, third-party certification is a valuable asset in establishing brand integrity and developing consumer confidence.

GreenCircle’s rigorous evaluation process provides independent verification that claims of sustainable aspects of products and operations are valid. Manufacturers, suppliers, regulators, occupants, and consumers can be assured that products labeled with the GreenCircle Certified mark have been thoroughly assessed and their claims verified to applicable standards.

As today’s consumers become more informed, there is an increasing demand for honesty and transparency from potential suppliers. Third-party certification demonstrates that a product or operation is in compliance with its sustainability claim. GreenCircle certification helps establish brand integrity and develop consumer confidence, which is key to building your brand in the current marketplace.

The following Medeco products have received GreenCircle's Multi-Attribute Certification:

       M3 Mortise Cylinder  M3 Key-in-Knob       M3 Key Medeco X4 Cylinder
      Mortise Cylinder
         Medeco3                Mechanical Key            Medeco X4
        Mortise Cylinder
M3 CLIQ Key-in-Knob       M3 CLIQ Key         Medeco XT
     Mortise Cylinder
                    M3 CLIQ
              Mortise Cylinder